[Stuff and Things]

* Fellowship of the Ring. Seriously. Does this actually need any commentary? I think not. I think we all know how I feel about this movie.

* The Village was better than I had expected it to be, especially since I had been spoiled for it. Of course, I’m the only person I know who loved Unbreakable, so there you go.

* “Six Feet Under” – Season 5. I cannot believe it is over! Woe.

* Serenity. Remember the first time you saw this? The thrill of seeing it all on the big screen? The thrill of it existing at all? I’ve said it before, but seriously. It’s not actually that often that I anticipate a film as much as I did this one, and then was -still- blown away. So good.

* Slither is bad in a great way, and it knows it. Be sure to check out the extras for Nathan Fillion being, well, Nathan.

* School Ties includes everyone when they were wee. Even Anthony Rapp! N’aw.

* Clerks 2 was great! Crude, but what else do you expect? Surprisingly thoughtful and touching.

* but on the dark side of the sequel, More American Grafitti was just unwatchable. I quit a half hour in, as I decided the character epilogues from the first film were sufficient. It is a classic for good reason.