[Almodóvar. Pedro Almodóvar.]

Volver was probably my most-anticipated film of the year, so of course I went to see it the day it came out, despite being dead sleepy from an oddly brutal short week. It was worth it, too. Gorgeous, moving, funny, colorful, and totally Almodóvar. He and Penélope Cruz have a little mutual admiration society happening, and much deserved for both of them. He’s right — Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with her, which is fine by me if it means she’ll spend more time working with him. Also, it was lovely to see Carmen Maura working with him again.

Now, a mental 180 for Casino Royale, which was frickin’ awesome. A complex Bond! Who doesn’t rely on cheesy gadgets! I can’t wait for more. I -knew- it would be great, through all the damned nay-sayers since Craig was cast. Please to be allowing me a victory lap. Thank you.

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  1. We spent much time on Saturday night discussing Bond, and the fact that Daniel Craig has said that he wants Bond to make out with a man in the next movie. And that he’s all in favour of full frontal nudity.

  2. Volver is so great. And so -him- … like, I can’t imagine any other director telling that story.


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