[Three weeks of everything else, part the second]

* Swimming was lovely and -true- in a way that a lot of movies are not. And Lauren Ambrose is lovely. Obviously.

* I’ve had Down to the Bone in my queue since Jeff Wells raved about Hugh Dillon’s performance in it, and he was absolutely right. Vera Farmiga is brilliant too. Not an easy movie to watch, but powerful. I wish it had gotten more attention.

* Galaxy Quest is just perfect.

* I had never seen Tootsie all the way through. it’s totally an 80s film in a way that only 80s films can be, with the hair and the music. The IMDb tells me that it was originally rated R, and was re-rated PG on appeal. I wish I had time to research that right now.

* I think Out of Sight is one of my desert island movies. Flawless and woefully underrated.

* Six Feet Under, Seasons 1-4. Shut up. By the end of next week I’ll be finished with it. Sadness!

* Sugar Rush, Series 1-2. This was great. Thanks to Emilie for giving me the first series and the Intarwebs for the second. I’m going to have to obtain a legal copy soon 🙂

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  1. galaxy quest arrived from netflix the other day! i am so happy, because i haven’t seen it in SIX YEARS. and neal has never seen it. and that is just WRONG.

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