[Three weeks of everything else, part the first]

* The Blair Witch Project still scares me. There, I said it. I knew everything about the making of it when it first came out, and I still was a little jittery coming back to my apartment after seeing it last month. I don’t know -why-. It’s not -rational-. I don’t -really- think that the Blair Witch is going to show up in Seattle and *spoiler* me in the *spoiler*. But I still turned on all the lights.

* Halfway through Singles I asked myself “Self? Why don’t you own this?” And I did not have a good answer to that. So I will have to remedy that situation. (Also, does anyone know what Cameron Crowe is up to these days? His newest credit on the IMDb is still Elizabethtown.)

* I tried to watch A Prairie Home Companion on my flight to London last month, but the sound was fubar, so I had to wait and Netflix it after all. I had heard really mixed reactions to it, but I really enjoyed it. Altman was just the perfect choice. No one does it like him, with the large, intertwined casts and the realism of sound and dialogue.

* Saving Face was a rewatch, fast on its way to being a middle of the night comfort movie.

* and Big Fish did nothing for me. It was very pretty and all. I just didn’t -care-.

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  1. The Blair Witch Project still scares the shit out of me, too! I also knew that it was a fake documentary when I first saw it in the theatre, but it still scared me to bits. eep.

  2. when i was moving to seattle sight unseen almost five years ago, singles was all any israeli knew about the city.

  3. It is SO GREAT. I really didn’t think I had seen it that many times, but I could quote SO MUCH of it.

  4. Citizen Dick always cracks me up. (“Along with Stone and Jeff and drummer Eddie Vedder… that’s good, that’s a good review.”)

  5. I knew all about “The Blair Witch Project” six months before it came out. I read all the background information and stuff about test screenings where everyone thought it was real, and it still scared the shit out of me. I love it. And it sucks that it’s been dismissed as a gimmick movie. Though I did like “The Last Broadcast” better. It also scared the shit out of me. I wish more movies did that, to be honest. 😉

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