[Three weeks of everything else, part the first]

* The Blair Witch Project still scares me. There, I said it. I knew everything about the making of it when it first came out, and I still was a little jittery coming back to my apartment after seeing it last month. I don’t know -why-. It’s not -rational-. I don’t -really- think that the Blair Witch is going to show up in Seattle and *spoiler* me in the *spoiler*. But I still turned on all the lights.

* Halfway through Singles I asked myself “Self? Why don’t you own this?” And I did not have a good answer to that. So I will have to remedy that situation. (Also, does anyone know what Cameron Crowe is up to these days? His newest credit on the IMDb is still Elizabethtown.)

* I tried to watch A Prairie Home Companion on my flight to London last month, but the sound was fubar, so I had to wait and Netflix it after all. I had heard really mixed reactions to it, but I really enjoyed it. Altman was just the perfect choice. No one does it like him, with the large, intertwined casts and the realism of sound and dialogue.

* Saving Face was a rewatch, fast on its way to being a middle of the night comfort movie.

* and Big Fish did nothing for me. It was very pretty and all. I just didn’t -care-.

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  1. The Blair Witch Project still scares the shit out of me, too! I also knew that it was a fake documentary when I first saw it in the theatre, but it still scared me to bits. eep.

  2. when i was moving to seattle sight unseen almost five years ago, singles was all any israeli knew about the city.

  3. Citizen Dick always cracks me up. (“Along with Stone and Jeff and drummer Eddie Vedder… that’s good, that’s a good review.”)

  4. I knew all about “The Blair Witch Project” six months before it came out. I read all the background information and stuff about test screenings where everyone thought it was real, and it still scared the shit out of me. I love it. And it sucks that it’s been dismissed as a gimmick movie. Though I did like “The Last Broadcast” better. It also scared the shit out of me. I wish more movies did that, to be honest. 😉

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