[The Prestige]

I don’t know why, but I’ve been woefully out of the upcoming film loop lately. (Those of you who read my regular blog can feel free to take a moment to DIE LAUGHING now.) Seriously. When I went to see The Illusionist, I saw the trailer for The Prestige, and until then I had never heard of it. Yeah. I know. I must have some sort of card I should turn in.

I flailed all over the place when I saw the trailer, though, and since The Illusionist didn’t do much for me it just kicked up the anticipation that much more. Then I learned that it was based on a book, which I hunted down and devoured and then, well, it finally came out. And I loved it. It’s changed from the book, but it’s still about these men and revenge and obsession and yay. It’s beautifully adapted and shot, and haunting in all the best ways. -And- it was made within the studio system, I think. There is hope!