* Infernal Affairs was a rewatch. Tony Leung owns my soul. His eyes, man, they just kill me. I had seen this at SIFF a few years back, but there were focus issues, so it was great to see it again. I’m still unsure about seeing the American remake any time soon.

* Duck Season had been well-reviewed during the five minutes it played Seattle. It’s the epitome of a small film: two fourteen year old boys have the apartment to themselves for the day. They play video games and have encounters with a neighbor & the pizza man. That’s about it for the action. And it is -fantastic-.

* Into the Woods is made of awesome.

* The Sea Inside stars one of my secret boyfriends: Javier Bardem. It’s based on a true story of a man who fought 30 years for the right to die, which is particularly interesting to me since I recently read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, so my head is kind of exploding on related issues. But anyway. It was moving and gorgeous and worth the wait.

* Newsies did not do much for me, but I have been on a roll with Christian Bale of late, so there you go.

And finally, not Netflix, but The Bourne Identity was on tv this weekend and man, I love that movie. Brilliant cast, too. hey! They’re filming the third one! -Awesome-.