[On the plane…]

Hey, it was a nine hour flight! I didn’t watch anything all the way through on the way over, because I am fond of sleeping, but on the return…

I was pretty excited to see Driving Lessons in the in-flight magazine because hey, it has Rupert Grint and I am only human. It was cute. The trailer looks as if it is trying to be Harold and Maude, but it isn’t really. And you have to love a film that casts Rupert because the director thought HP was underusing him. Damn right.

Then I switched over to The Devil Wears Prada because I had enjoyed the book. It’s really unimaginatively shot, and changes from the book were odd and didn’t ring true, but hey, Meryl chewing the scenery is always fun.

Finally, I watched The Break-Up, mostly because I remembered that the Old 97’s appeared in it. It was better than I thought it would be without actually being good. So, there you have it.