[Bad Education]

I totally failed at Almodóvar last week, but two of the three I had seen on the big screen before, so I suppose I can forgive myself. Last night I took myself up the hill to catch Bad Education on its last showing, because I hadn’t seen it before and because Gael García Bernal is pretty. I didn’t really know much about the movie itself, and once it started I understood why: it’s twisty and meta and layered and complex, and if you know anything about it you probably know too much.

It is, I think, an atypical Almodóvar film in that it is all about men, but resolutely Almodóvar in color and melodrama and queerness. Bless him for that. Also, Bernal’s performance is just -brilliant-.

(It was particularly nice after the previous day’s Confetti experience to see a film with people who didn’t feel compelled to laugh at gay content. This theater’s only about a 20 minute walk away from the other. Oh, Seattle.)

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