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I wondered why I hadn’t had much to post here lately, and then I realized it’s because I can’t stop plowing through television:

* The Sopranos, season 5. Steve Buscemi’s character is -fantastic-. It wasn’t as enthralling for me as previous seasons, but it was still solid, and there were a few hits that still made me gasp even though I was spoiled for them. That’s good storytelling.t

* Arrested Development, season 1. You’ve all seen this, right, so I don’t have to tell you that it’s The Royal Tenenbaums meets “The OC” and shot as if it were “Cops”. And also that it is grrrreat.

* House, season 2. I am pretty inept at keeping up with broadcast tv, and so thank goodness for DVDs coming out in time for me to catch up. Of course, I still haven’t managed to see any of season 3 yet. But season 2 was solid. Yay.

* Oz, season 6. I really loved this show. It went a little weird in seasons 4 & 5, but it rose back up in season 6.

* The West Wing, season 1. You all told me I would explode with love, and you were right. So much so that it is now added to my Amazon wishlist.

* Battlestar Galactica, the miniseries. Now, the “hey, there are chicks on this show” didn’t work to pull me into “Grey’s Anatomy” because, you know, that show sucks. But the BSG women are awesome, so yay.

Others that I was nearly finished with and then my computer decided to be a butthead: A Bit of Fry and Laurie, season 1 & Veronica Mars, season 2.

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  1. Seriously. EXPLODED WITH LOVE. Though really, I think I had that fear that if I watched it I would develop an overwhelming obsession with Allison Janney, whereas previously my obsession was manageable with a mild sedative. Then I decided that there was nothing wrong with an overwhelming obsession.

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