[La la la]

I’ve mostly been mainlining tv this fall, but I also saw …

* Something New was complex for a romantic comedy, and quite well-handled, I thought.

* I shouldn’t have been surprised to notice that Iron Jawed Angels was written, directed, and largely produced by women. I picked it up mostly because it had several of my imaginary girlfriends in it and because it was about women’s suffrage. I thought it was really well done, beautifully shot & acted, and good use of modern music and film techniques to make the material come alive. Woo yay.

* Hustle & Flow was great, and seeing the infamous song come together was amazing.

*…and I keep forgetting, I watched Playing By Heart again. I gave it a mediocre review when it first came out, but oh, the people are pretty. It’s a comfort movie. And I perhaps should be concerned regarding how much I identify with Meredith. Dancing About Architecture is still a better title, though, darn it.

2 Replies to “[La la la]”

  1. Ooh, Playing By Heart! I so love that movie. I haven’t seen it in ages-I really should buy it. And Dancing About Architecture really is a better title, I agree.

  2. The acting in Hustle & Flow was fantastic, I thought. But seriously, for the first fifteen minutes, I understood not a word of what they were saying.

    You know it’s hard out here for a pimp.

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