[Now available on DVD & videocassette part two]

New to me:

* Thirteen Conversations About One Thing felt much longer than it really was. And really? It was not that long. I mostly Netflixed it for Clea DuVall, though, and she was amazing in it.

* I didn’t even finish Camp. I watched 45 minutes of it and didn’t care about anyone enough to continue.

* Mr and Mrs Smith is a romantic comedy directed by Alfred Hitchcock. (Yeah, I know!) It’s a classic screwball comedy with Carole Lombard. I’m pretty sure I saw it when I was small and watched AMC constantly, but I had mixed it up with My Favorite Wife, which I’m now putting a hold on at the library. Both films have legal marriage issues: in Mr and Mrs Smith it turns out that the paperwork is invalid and in My Favorite Wife the wife returns after being shipwrecked and declared legally dead. Totally screwy, but so much fun.

*… is that it? It may be it. I’m also watching “The Sopranos”, “Arrested Development”, and “Fawlty Towers”. More when I actually finish something.

4 Replies to “[Now available on DVD & videocassette part two]”

  1. i’ve watched camp several times, and i could not care less about any of the characters. i just like the production members. 🙂

  2. I felt similarly about Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. My psychoexroommate had raved about it for ages, and then I finally saw it and was all, “Um?”

  3. I think if I had been less tired I might have tried to stick it out. I very rarely give up on movies.

  4. I had really wanted to see it when it first came out, but now I’m really glad I didn’t spring for it in the theater.

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