* First two episodes of “Rosemary & Thyme” because a friend keeps calling me Rosemary and I needed to know what he was on about. Cute English detective show, but there’s a lot of tv I need to be watching and it is unlikely I’d pick this over the one with the kid with the EARS Hetty Wainthropp.

* I added Long Life, Happiness, and Prosperity to my queue because it was by the writer & director of Double Happiness & it had Sandra Oh. It was cute (and Sandra had some great lines) but Double Happiness is better.

* Hotel Rwanda was, of course, really great, and raises a lot of complicated thoughts that I don’t think I can do justice to in between Actual Work Things.

* Inside Man I had very much wanted to see in the theater, but I didn’t make it. Too bad! It must have looked -awesome- on the big screen. It looked pretty fantastic on TV, too. Smart heist films are love.