[The end of Stuff]

The Legend of 1900 was charming, Withnail & I is fabulous & deserves a rewatch, and The Stepford Wives (original, natch) was totally disturbing. Dude.


Gentleman’s Agreement is far from perfect, but it deals with a truer, more prevalent kind of prejudice, I think, than films like Crash. Crash & similar films are feel-good racism, portraying prejudice that is not a part of the way most people live. Gentleman’s Agreement deals with passivity, with allowing the jokes and the comments to pass, the affirming of white privilege, and the fear of upsetting society by protesting the poor treatment of others. It’s old, in places naive, but still timely for all that.

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  1. I love the original Stepford Wives. It is creepy (unlike the new one, which is just a dark comedy), and I really do need to own it.

  2. I never bothered to see the remake, and now that I’ve seen the original I intend to keep it that way.

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