[Stuff I quite liked]

* I have had The Dying Gaul on my queue for a while because hello, Peter Sarsgaard, plus queer, plus Campbell Scott, plus Patricia Clarkson. I heard mixed reviews, and I agree with them. But Sarsgaard was just brilliant.

* Despite my love for Eric Stoltz & Mary Stuart Masterson, I had somehow managed to never see Some Kind of Wonderful before. This has now been remedied. Big love!

* The League of Gentlemen Christmas Special was tremendously fucked-up, just as I hoped it would be. It looks like I can get the movie at Scarecrow. Must get on that.

* I expected to be disappointed, but Imagine Me and You charmed the pants off of me. I had to go back and rewatch the grocery scene, and I think I might have to buy it if I can find it cheap somewhere. Matthew Goode is the newest addition to my collection of secret boyfriends, and I had totally forgotten that Giles Anthony Stewart Head was in it. Hee!

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  1. Some Kind of Wonderful! Love!!

    I just watched Imagine Me and You this week, and Matthew Goode is cute! And Giles! Other than them, though, I felt pretty meh about it, and in fact, started getting annoyed at how it all played out. I knew that’s how it would end, but I didn’t buy it.

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