[Stuff I didn’t like]

* In Good Company was boring, but Topher was very pretty. I was surprised to see Calvin Trager from “Sports Night” in it, and hey. I didn’t know he was married to Jennifer Grey. But yeah. I just don’t have all that much sympathy for Very Well Off People who suddenly have Money Issues.

* She’s The Man was just shockingly terrible. Really terrible, and not just in the bad teen movie sense. It was painful, but on the other hand, I am given fresh hope for my long-held dream of transferring Twelfth Night to the high school setting. Mine will actually be queer. Come to think of it, it might take real skill to totally de-gay that play. Huh.

2 Replies to “[Stuff I didn’t like]”

  1. I cannot believe how unbelievably awful She’s The Man was. It’s definitely up there with Lucky Thirteen. Yikes.

  2. SO BAD. I am of the opinion that I could get a decent Bad Teen Novel out of Twelfth Night.

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