[Other stuff]

Stuff I’ve seen before:

* There’s a lot wrong with Rent, but I am enough of a fangirl that I adoreadoreadore the stuff that’s really right.

* 13 Going on 30 is still adorable. And has one of my all-time favorite dance sequences.

TV stuff

* “Jeeves & Wooster“, Season 3. They’re in America! It’s brilliant.

* “Love Soup“. Oh Tamsin. I will watch you in anything. I would have enjoyed it more sans voiceover, though. It’s one of my ‘things’.

* The pilot of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Three times. I can’t wait for the series to actually start, for I am FULL OF LOVE.

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  1. I’m watching J&W season 3 right now, too, & I love Jeeves’s reaction when Bertie comes back with the fur coat & the moustache. hee!!

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