Quick hits, dude. I am getting way behind.

* Shakespeare in Love, because it was 3 in the morning and hot and I couldn’t sleep. And I love it, okay? And all the Twelfth Night bits fill me with fannish squee.

* Oldboy follows Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and I found it much more engaging. (And more fucked-up.) I’m glad I saw it as I thought it was pretty great, but I’m not sure that I know many people I would recommend it to.

* Shallow Grave is dark and comic and we all know it’s good.

* Captain Blood: Thanks to for the rec. Now -that- was a fun pirate movie. Yay!

* Zombie Honeymoon was an astonishingly bad movie. I mean, I knew it would be bad. But I didn’t know that it would be that bad -and- that it was created as a way to help the filmmaker’s sister work through her grief at the loss of her husband. Now -that’s- fucked up.

* “Kitchen Confidential” is awesome. I’m angry it’s cancelled. I’ll have to buy the DVD, though, if FOX ever wakes up and releases it properly.

* The Matador turns Pierce Brosnan’s 007 character on its head. And Hope Davis is always worth watching.

* Spice World. …oh, shut up.

* The Others. I forgot it had Christopher Eccleston. Really great performance. Word of advice, though. Never watch this with subtitles, or you’ll realize how much time Nicole Kidman spends sighing in it.

* “Slings & Arrows“. It’s Shakespeare! It’s … everyone in Canada! It’s season 2, so it that includes Colm Feore (squee!). So great.

* 2 episodes of “My Life As A Dog“. Ugh. This was -terrible-. The movie, however, is amazing. Trust me on this.

Wow. That is. That is really a lot of tv. All I can say in my defense is that it is really hot here these days, and that I cleaned & unpacked during some of them. And knitted! Don’t forget the knitting!

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  1. Kat. It was a -tribute- to his dead brother-in-law. I am not yet over this.

  2. This has been the subject of much discussion this weekend. Bring it up with April some time 😉

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