[The Skeleton Key][Shattered Glass]

Why these? Point A: Peter Sarsgaard. Point B: They were available at the library. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

The Skeleton Key is that one Kate Hudson Louisiana bayou thriller. Y’know. Looked like the concept had potential, but the execution would likely be terrible. It wasn’t great or anything, it certainly didn’t scare me, but I’m tempted to give it a rec because it ended the way I wanted it to. Which isn’t to say it was predictable — though maybe it was; I don’t watch that many American thrillers. It’s just that I thought, “well, the movie would be much cooler if it ended this way.” And then it did. So right on. I didn’t care enough about it to watch the special features. (Oh, hey, it was written by Ehren Kruger. That makes sense.)

After that, Shattered Glass was just kind of boring. Peter was fine and everything, and it’s a total who’s-who cast, but Hayden Christensen was just empty space. He’s playing a pathological liar, so there are some who might say it was a creative decision, but obviously the character was meant to be charismatic. The DVD I got included a “60 Minutes” feature on Stephen Glass, and the real guy was much more interesting than Hayden. (And no, that’s not always true.) ((Well, it’s always true that other people are more interesting than Hayden, but it’s not always true that the subject is more interesting than the portrayal.))