[Pirates of the Caribbean 2][Cars]

The more I think about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the more I hate it, and I’m getting really annoyed at hearing that my expectations were too high and I should just have fun with it. I really don’t think that a plot and a lack of racism might be too much to ask for in a movie. Look, I don’t expect it to be as great as the first one, but I expect it to have some dramatic tension and drive, and I’d like to have just a little bit of character consistency (and no, flogging the dead horse of the rum joke does -not- qualify). Argh. It was long and it was boring and the actors were slaves to the special effects. And the ‘cliffhanger’ ending? -Whatever-. I am full to the brim with NOT CARING.

Second on the bill at the drive-in was Cars, which would have just been vaguely meh if it was from any studio other than Pixar, but because it -was- Pixar it was terrible. I should have known going in, since the trailer for it did nothing for me, but it followed Monsters Inc & Finding Nemo & The Incredibles, all of which were fresh and clever, so I was hopeful, but no. Absolutely zero emotional involvement, and a very old and tired plot. Oh Pixar. I still have hopes for Ratatouille, though, so all is not lost.

In better (ie, actually -good-) film news, Tristram Shandy comes out on DVD tomorrow. Huzzah!

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  1. and did you notice that the only “black” car & the only “hispanic” car were married? cause god forbid they should mix with white people cars.

    i tried to have fun, cause i was out for father’s day with mike’s family. but i was disappointed.

  2. You know that I disagree a little bit about Cars, but fuck that fucking pirate movie. It was shit. Boring, unimaginative, unoriginal, uncreative, not at all fun, offensive, racist shit. I hates it. It’s the worst movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  3. omg I haven’t seen Pirates yet, but I remember thinking the first one was too long, so. this sounds like I’d be crawling the walls, for even more reasons than the length.

  4. We’re like “Peter Jackson makes shorter movies than this. And he calls them ‘Extended Editions'”.

    My dislike for the movie & my annoyance with positive reviews are both bordering on irrational at this point, but whatever.

  5. Hee! Not as ranty as my comment might indicate. It’s just that my burning hate for that movie just keeps getting bigger.

    I’m feeling about the same as last night – I called in sick to therapies, so I’m spending the day at home. I slept for, like, 12 hours! Guess I needed it.

  6. you know, i’m actually really glad that the response to dead man’s chest seems to be pretty meh on my flist, because i was so not looking forward to another six months of hearing about the stupid rum being gone. by the time i got around to seeing the first movie, i already knew the whole thing by heart, so honestly, i do not care at all about this franchise.

    i have yet to see cars and honestly don’t plan to, but i feel like i’ve seen it already, too, thanks to my preschoolers.

  7. Oh, I know how -that- goes. That’s the number one reason why I can’t stand Office Space or Austin Powers.

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