[My Life Without Me][Dawn of the Dead]

Sunday, instead of doing anything productive, I had a mini Sarah Polley marathon. My Life Without Me is one of those films with a concept that could easily show up on Lifetime (young mother! has cancer! tells no one!) but the writing, acting, and production turn it into something worth seeing.

(It was definitely a flick that sent me running to the IMDb, though. One of the daughters I also just saw in Eve and the Fire Horse. And the hairdresser was Anais Nin in Henry & June. And the neighbor! Was in Talk to Her! Oh my goodness! Which makes sense, because Almodovar was a producer. Plus, of course, the doctor was in Hard Core Logo. )

In my head the natural follow-up was Dawn of the Dead. I haven’t seen the original (yet!) so I don’t know how it works as a remake, but as a stand-alone film it’s frickin’ fantastic. I own it mostly because it came in a double pack with Shaun of the Dead for the same price as buying either one alone. Right on.

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  1. You know she is in season 3 of Slings and Arrows, right? I am both weirded out and really excited!

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