[Catch-up part 1]

I have this whole text file with my last few weeks of movies (and months of books). Perhaps work-only internet access was not the best idea after all.

* I finally ordered The Hanging Garden because it was inconceivable that I could live any longer without it. It’s an intensely personal movie for me, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has seen it, and it was just as powerful as I had remembered.

* I watched The Apartment on the 100th anniversary of Billy Wilder’s birthday, and I thought that was an event of note. I own two other Wilder films, but I’d had The Apartment on the brain lately. It’s just fantastic, but it’s Wilder, so what do you expect?

* Finally, it was apparently a terrible flaw in my upbringing that I had never seen Labyrinth, a flaw that was finally corrected last month. I admit, I had been nervous to see it. It’s one of those movies that, if you admit that you’ve never seen it, everyone looks at you as if you have three heads. (I look at people that way when I learn they’ve never seen The Godfather, but to each their own.) Plus, it often popped up in conversation with The Goonies, which I had also never seen, but when I finally attempted it earlier this year I just could not do it. Thankfully, Labyrinth was -not- one of those movies that you had to see as a child to enjoy.

If you just see one see … The Hanging Garden.