[Monster House]

The main thing I’m baffled by is why Monster House is coming out in July and not at Halloween. Possibly because then it can be out on DVD in October. Anyway. I went because it had shown at the film festival and that fact intrigued me. And also because it was free, and I have this irrational fear (well, aren’t they all?) that if I start passing things up things will stop coming my way. So there you go. I really need to subscribe to the festival or to the Warren Report or something so I can be more discriminating.

But anyway. The story was cute enough, in spite of the fat jibes *eyes pocket soap box* but I didn’t find the animation style appealing. I think it’s the second feature with the motion capture (the first being the very creepy Polar Express), and though this one was more stylized & thus not as dead-looking, I still didn’t like it.

It’s a fine family friendly flick, though. And the house was cool. *shrug*