[The Thin Man][Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World]

Two of my favourite movies ever in one evening! Clearly this is Best. The Thin Man is technically a mystery, but who cares about the plot? The point is Nick and Nora’s gin-soaked banter, and what banter it -is-! Fantastic. I haven’t seen the various sequels since I was a child, but I know they are all out on DVD now. (And in a boxed set! How can I resist?)

Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World is, of course, a masterpiece. I first saw it primarily because Billy Boyd was in it, and look what it began. It was particularly lovely to watch it again now that I have made more headway in the books. The attention to detail in this film is beyond compare, and it is clear that Peter Weir has a boundless love for the world created by Patrick O’Brian.

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  1. It was -awesome-. I rewatched the deleted scenes yesterday, too. Less than three!

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