This was great. It surpassed Perhaps Love as my second favourite film of the festival, but there’s something special about the magic of Wristcutters that is keeping it in first place.

But! None of that is about C.R.A.Z.Y., which is a gay coming of age story set over two decades in suburban Quebec (filmed in Montreal). It’s fantastic and complex and yay.

Sadly, it won’t be getting US distribution because the costs of the music licensing for the States were too formidable. I’m not surprised; I had actually wondered at how they had been able to afford the soundtrack. Frequently Q&As at the festival will reveal what songs the directors really wanted but couldn’t afford the rights too.

(A small moment of glee that totally won’t translate to text, but i want to remember:
Pierre-Luc: “I’m not gay” …(beat) … “in the film.”
Audience: *cheers*
Pierre-Luc: “…or in real life.”
Audience: “Awww.”)

Also I enjoyed “America is a problem” (in regards to distribution, but how widely it applies!) & “I have a psychological aversion to speaking English”. (He’s Quebecois and brought a translator, though he was only really needed for finer points.)

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  1. I hope I’ll at least be able to get it on DVD eventually. Right now I think Amazon.com just has the import from Quebec, which a) doesn’t have subtitles and b) is freakin’ expensive.

    So good!

  2. You know you can order stuff from Amazon.ca, or have it ordered for you from friendly Canadians, eh? 😉

  3. I know 🙂 I have this -list- of things I want from there. I keep meaning to work out what the shipping would be like.

    I should probably slow down on spending money at the US version first, though 😉

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