[Three Times]

The conceit behind Three Times is three short love stories set in three different time periods, but with the same set of leads for each story. I chose it because I am a sucker for form. In the introduction at the festival we were told that the title referred to the minimum number of times you would want to see the film, that it was the speaker’s favorite of the festival, and that she was going to go out to the lobby and stuff the ballot box with 5s.

She must have been -on- something.

I quite liked the first segment, but the second was mind-crushingly slow. It was presented as a silent film, with title cards and mellow, tinkling piano music and oh my goodness. I could hardly take it. I think if it had had dialogue I would have been fine, and I know why the director chose to present it that way, but eh. I don’t buy it. The third was better, but on the whole, it didn’t work for me.

Gorgeously shot, though, and strong performances by said leads. Still, definitely my least favorite of the festival.