Based on the same events as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Requiem, a German film, wasn’t exactly what I had expected it to be, but was compelling nonetheless. (The lead in particular, a virtual unknown, was amazing.) I had thought it would be more of a thriller, but the director presented the story sans special effects, allowing us to make up our own minds. Another intense SIFF offering. If I keep going to features like this, it’s going to be an exhausting festival.

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  1. oh, you know, it really seems like i am coming to seattle this weekend. can we go to wristcutters?

  2. Yes! Ellen and I both have tickets to it already. Sweet 🙂 The director’s supposed to be there too.

    I think you can do will-call tickets on the web at seattlefilm.org, but if not (or if they have issues with Canada) let me know because I think I can pick up tickets at any venue this week. (Not that I really think it will sell out, but I always worry. Y’know.)

  3. ok, i got tickets will-call for me, joel (who you met at the last student art show+sale), & tamar.

    how shall we meet up? do you have my cell number? um, staring tonight it is holiday, so i won’t be able to be reached for much longer, ’til saturday night. (i am as organized as usual).

  4. Woot! Let’s see … film at 9:15, so I’ll be in line by 8:15.

    What’s a good address to email my cell number? I’m jacicita at gmail dot com.

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