[Junebug][I Capture the Castle]

Junebug came over the weekend. I’m a sucker for family drama, Amy Adams was great (of course) and I always forget how much I like Alessandro Nivola.

I also enjoyed I Capture the Castle, partially, I am sure, because it’s been some time since I read the book, and so the comparison wasn’t an issue. Serviceable, not brilliant. Beautifully shot and good casting, though. Of course, I never did hate Marc Blucas. And I’m not sure I had known Bill Nighy was in it. La di da.

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  1. i want to keep bill nighy tucked into my bra, and just peek lovingly down at him from time to time… would he be happy with such a life?

    you like marc blucas? i like marc blucas! omg marc blucas! thoughts on riley finn? i feel all alone in kinda secretly liking him.

  2. I didn’t love it either, but I did enjoy it. Y’know. And I finished an afghan during it.

    (Oh my gosh! She was Tara’s cousin Beth! No wonder she looked familiar.)

  3. He would be a fool to disdain it 😉

    I do! We can have a Secret Not Hating Riley club 😀

  4. *joins*

    How can anyone not adore him for “I get to be Cowboy Guy” alone?

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