Fifth season of Oz. Okay, so there are things in it that are getting a little weird (Rev. Cloutier, anyone?). Plus I still am bothered by how the flashback production value went down in the fourth season and stayed down here. But there are still lots of things I -do- like plus things that made my head explode (like Fr Mukada performing “Leather”). The clincher is that I still care about the characters, and so I will wait impatiently for HBO to announce the release of the sixth and final season. Oh Oz. You have forever spoiled me for Prison Break. God bless you and your shanking, your full frontal nudity, your ruthless killing off of awesome characters.

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  1. i am absolutely not into prison shows, but i do want to see the episode of prison break featuring my old landlord.

  2. Ha! For real? I’d watch it if I knew someone who was going to be on it. I -tried- to watch it for, like, two episodes, mostly because Wentworth Miller is terribly hot even without tattoos, but no. I cannot suspend my disbelief that far.

  3. i even watched the first ten minutes of surviving christmas to see him. that’s dedication. 😛

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