[Tummy Bug Round-Up]

If I really had to get sick, there were worse times to do it. The weekend prior to this all of my things (including the vitals: bed, recliner, tv, dvd player) had been moved in, and in the past week I had signed up at Netflix and reactivated a handful of holds at the library. Now, we’ll see if I can remember everything I watched:

D.E.B.S.: One of the most ridiculous movies ever and really, I cannot believe it took me so long to see it, because crime! And crimefighters! And wee plaid skirts! And lesbians! (And omg it is based on a short film! And -that- cast includes Tammy Lynn Michaels & Clare Kramer! Totally lesbionic!)

Wimbledon: Cheesy as hell and yet, better than I had expected it to be. I mean, utterly predictable, but my boyfriend, Paul Bettany? Hotter than should be allowed. Seriously. And we all need movies to watch at three in the morning when we have the flu, right? Right.

The Center of the World: Bah. I had such high hopes, too, because Peter Sarsgaard and Molly Parker! I heart them so! But no. Just no. And I had kind of wibbled about it, like maybe I’m just dumb and “didn’t get it”, but then I watched some of the extras, the bit on the creating of the website, and ick with the exploitation. A+ cast, though.

Down With Love: From that brief time when I didn’t hate Renee Zellweger. Ah, those were the days. I still love this movie, but I was raised on stuff like Pillow Talk, and this is a note-perfect tribute.

Bright Young Things: One hell of a directorial debut from Stephen Fry. I have it for a full week from the library, so I’m hoping to find the time to listen to his commentary. Pretty much everyone is in it, including David Tennant with truly unfortunate hair. And it was the second thing I’d seen this week with Mr Tumnus James McAvoy. Wooyay. I remember wanting to see it when it was at SIFF; in fact, I think that’s what Mr. Fry was in town for when I ran into him at a screening. By which I mean, I gaped in awe at him from six feet away when I was leaving a showing of an Indian adaptation of Macbeth. And then I ran and posted to LJ, because that’s what one does.

Finally! My Own Private Idaho: I had seriously never seen this before. I -know-. I need to read the Henry cycle again. I don’t think I’ve read them since college.

(I also made serious dents in “Wonderfalls” and the fifth season of “Oz”. Life? What life?)

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  1. I am still much with the sleepies and I only worked a half-day yesterday, but I think I will live. *whew*

  2. I pretend to be an educated person when posting about media. I don’t know how I manage to maintain it through comments, though. Totally weird.

  3. It’s like I’m talking to a completely different person.

    P.S. You hardly have to pretend to be educated. Everyone already knows that you are teh smartypants!

  4. I contain multitudes! They are fond of ice cream.

    Bah. I had to confess today that I am not really using my degree at my job. I felt not so much teh smartypants.

  5. It really requires icons. (And did you or did you not want him to be totally gay with his ‘practice partner’?)

  6. Oh hello! And in leather pants, please. That movie was just Bettany porn, really, jetting around London dressed like a male model. There’s potential there, echoes of Olympics!slash. Yum 🙂

  7. And the DRIVING and the CAR and Bernard Hill and yes, I kind of like that movie, Kirsten Dunst be damned.

  8. OMG the CAR. YES.

    Why did it take me so long to see it? Oh, yes, because I can’t stand Kirsten Dunst. OH WELL I CAN DEAL. I’m totally not going to start looking for it used or anything. *cough* lies all lies *cough*

  9. i can’t believe you don’t talk about being so close to stephen fry all the time. because i missed that important lj update. dude.

    renee zellweger keeps being in movies i like or would like, could i bring myself to deal w her for two hours. ewan macg. was enough to get me into down w love – omg so good. kirsten dunst also problematic.

    my own private idaho made my kid’s dad move to portland. also it has my highschool-fourthbestfriend’s mom in it. she played river phoenix’s mom. we spent a lot of time asking her questions about him. and she said she and he were the only two vegetarians on set and catering only gave them peanut butter and they were irritated. omg fangirl por vida!!!

  10. Argh! You stalked Stephen Fry?! I’m insanely jealous. I also must have missed this entry…

  11. Totally by accident! I was at the screening before his gala of Bright Young Things, and I’m coming down the stairs and THERE HE IS and I gaped at him like I was a goldfish or something and tried very hard not to pass out 🙂


    I hated Renee until Nurse Betty, and then I was okay with her through Down With Love, and now I think I hate her again.

    Whoah! Six degrees, man!

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