[The Lion King][Kinsey]

Only in my apartment is this a double feature. I started with The Lion King because it was a good movie to unpack to, ie, I knew it well and I wouldn’t get all fangirly and want to sit down to watch every bit of it (like I would for, say, Master and Commander). Also, I was surprised to unpack it in the first place; I had forgotten I owned it.

When I ran out of steam and was ready to crochet for a while, I stuck in Kinsey, which I had put on hold ages ago and finally was able to reactivate. It is rather appalling that it took a Peter Sarsgaard fan such as myself so darn long to see it, but better late than never. It was quite interesting to see after reading Contra-Contraception in the NY Times Magazine yesterday. (Where interesting = scary.) As with any biopic I know there are issues, but as a film it was solid.

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  1. I love it too 🙂 I know I am supposed to hate Disney, but I so don’t.

    Dude, I totally linked that … not in this entry, but in the comments on the O12 post before it. The one with Russell I had never seen before and I am dead of squee. It reminds me of some CKR/HD shots.

  2. Ah, I had not read all of the comments on that entry. (Just mine, heh.)

    School makes checking LJ *hard*!

  3. Darn school! Checking LJ was much easier for me when I was in school because, y’know, laptop and wifi 😉

  4. That might work for me, if I do get a laptop, but I’m not sure if I could use it in class. (No one else is, yet!)

    And some classes ARE in the lab, so that’ll be something.

  5. Oh, that would be weird. There were a bunch of laptops in my classes.

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