[Ocean’s 12]

I knew Ocean’s Twelve was going to suck. I don’t know why I put a hold on it. I didn’t like the first one either time I saw it. I am a die-hard Out of Sight girl.

But I did quite enjoy Matt Damon’s Linus. A fact which, I suspect, will get me kicked out of the fangirl club, but I am okay with that.

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  1. STOP. matt damon’s linus talking about emily dickinson? i am devastated forEVAR. that is a moment for the fangirls.

    out of sight is brilliant, but i’m a sucker for the oceans…

  2. That totally did it for me. And, see, I have this feeling that I’m not even supposed to like Matt Damon at all in the grand scheme of the world let alone in the Ocean’s movies, but Tom Ripley & Jason Bourne, dude, I can’t help it. I adore the guy and every one of his teeth.

  3. i feel no guilt about liking that guy and all those teeth (should we discuss freckles? or eye crinkles?). i am too busy being consumed by guilt at my secret fondness for tom cruise.

  4. Now the Tom Cruise thing you -should- feel guilt for 😉

    Me, I am having a Paul Bettany renaissance today thanks to this picspam, especially the shot with Russell. Oh Em Gee.

  5. you just KILLED ME WITH PAUL BETTANY. grrrrr.

    yes, there is absolutely no excuse. he is so, so bad and wrong. not to mention loco, loco, loco.

  6. I am sorry you are dead! But that is one of the better ways to go, I suspect 😉

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