[Piñata: Survival Island]

To explain this viewing choice, you have to know that and I have started “Gilmore Girls” night on Fridays, but we turn it off in time to watch “Doctor Who“. While waiting for that to come on this week, we caught the end of one of AMC’s Fear Friday (or whatever) selections: Puppet Master, which was hilariously bad. During a commercial break we saw an ad for the next feature, Piñata: Survival Island, where more toys were promised to run amok. And Nick Brendon! Erm. Not running amok. Just -in- it and all. So we simply had to watch.

We were weak. We admit this. And oh, it was hilarious and awful and I still don’t understand how they knew it -was- a killer piñata. Aside from calling Giles, of course.

Also! Nicky had a producing credit on it, which is just sad, so I clicked through the upcoming movie he also has a producing credit on, and it’s Unholy. It too looks awful! I cannot decide if I am filled with squee or sad criez! Oh, Nicky.

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  1. ADRIENNE BARBEAU?! Duuuuuude. It does not bode well indicates some serious cheesy badness.

    Oh, Nicky! Clearly we need to invite him over for a hot meal and some virgin daquiris.

    I think we are filled with sad squeez.

    Puppet Master spawned 6 sequels. Netflix only has the last two. We’ll have to get the rest from Scarecrow. They have them all, of course.

    Perhaps we should have Pinata! icons.

  2. I blame it all on FOX. If they hadn’t been “Kitchen Confidential”-cancelling BASTARDS then the poor boy wouldn’t have to make NAZI PINATA: THE RETURN.

    Puppet Master! I am stoked 😀 How on -earth- could it spawn so many? It’s SO BAD OH EM GEE.


    As far as I can tell, the last Puppet Master sequel came out only 3 years ago. Can you imagine?

    I’ll see if I can get to Scarecrow this week.

  4. Though, I think I remember some of the sequels coming out, so I guess. But, why oh why?!

    Is it Friday yet?

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