[V For Vendetta]

So Sunday I was having one of those days where I was slowly dying of boredom, and if I didn’t take myself to a movie, I would just go home at 4 and go to bed. Since that would mean missing out on Stitch & Bitch, I grabbed a Stranger for the movie times and wound up going to V for Vendetta, which was a good use of the afternoon. Since I hadn’t paid that much attention to the film aside from some business issues on Hollywood Elsewhere, there was a good deal of HITG squee, which is always fun. It sort of seems like if you know the graphic novel you hate the movie, and if you don’t know it you love it. I haven’t read it, and I am somewhere in between. Bits of it are muddled and bits of it are fantastic. And there are more fantastic bits than muddled bits. So there you go.