[Oscars, Live action shorts]

Oscar categories for which I have seen all of the nominees:

  • Best animated feature
  • Achievement in makeup (hee.)
  • Best animated short film
  • Best live action short film

Once I see Crash this weekend, I’ll add

  • Performance by an actor in a supporting role
  • Orignal screenplay

…and Munich will be the only picture of the year and director nominee that I’ll be missing. Not bad. There’s lots I have seen three of, and really, I never let not seeing something get in the way of having an opinion.

This week we caught the live action shorts, which were a mixed bag. My favorite was “Six Shooter”, which contained a surprising amount of dark humor for Academy nominee. Right on. In fannish news, “Our Time Is Up” included Jorge Garcia in a small role, and “Cashback” starred Sean Biggerstaff. Woo.