Last night we watched Primer, which was sold to each member of our group on the basis of our individual interests (engineering, puzzles, time to knit). It was sold to me on the basis of the fact that it had won awards and featured people talking over each other Just Like They Do In Real Life. Which -is- a big plus for me. That’s about all I knew about it going in, plus that it was only 4 minutes shorter than the total amount of film shot.

Four minutes. That’s -insane-. That means the entire movie is the first take. The only take. So I was kind of uncertain as to how the movie would be, not storywise, but look and acting. I shouldn’t have been concerned. It was well done, and the cinematography was awesome and distinctive. And the movie itself was trippy; I’m sure I didn’t understand most of it, and I look forward to seeing it again. Thumbs up.