[Match Point] [Woody Allen DVD triple feature]

The sublet had a Woody Allen box set, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Annie Hall is one of my favorite movies of all time. In January I finished off the set with A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, Zelig, and The Purple Rose of Cairo, all of which I enjoyed, that’s pretty much the order I preferred them in, too. Purple Rose I was watching for the second time. I think I might need to buy it.

Last night I caught Match Point, which was good, but I just didn’t connect with it the way I had hoped. I’ve read that it’s Woody for people who don’t like Woody, but I -do- like him, and so perhaps it was not for me. It’s always good to see Emily Mortimer, though. And the previews included one for Friends With Money, the new film from Nicole Holofcener, who wrote and directed Mortimer in a great film: Lovely & Amazing. Much with the yay.

Oh! Oh! The other thing about Match Point is that the casting was a constant reminder of the there-are-only-twelve-actors-in-the-UK thing, as it included Shaun’s mother the prime minister, Bernard Black’s summer girl, and Tubbs, etc. Odds are there were more I missed.

I should figure out what Woody I haven’t seen. It can’t be much at this point, and I could take care of it between the library and Netflix.