[Weekend round-up]

Oh my heavens I am -exhausted-. Okay. First, on DVD: The 39 Steps, which I totally did not pay enough attention to, The Royal Tenenbaums, which I have seen many times and adore, and Mr Vampire, which is terrible in that really great way. I hear there is a -sequel-. This I need to see.

Second, on film: Transamerica, which was -incredible- and The New World which was gorgeous, and yet totally not for everyone. (They put me at six movies seen in theaters in the month of January, which is not bad. I was thinking of setting some sort of in-theater goal for the year, but then I thought about how much money certain goals would cost and I just about passed out.)

Finally, I think I am going to try to see Match Point in the next week or so, and then maybe I can remember to spam you with all the Woody I watched and neglected to post earlier this month. Yes, really!