[84 Charing Cross Road][The Truman Show]

Let’s see what else I have in this text file … I got a few videos out from the library this month, so let’s get them out of the way.

I ordered 84 Charing Cross Road with a bit of trepidation. I had read and loved the book, and I couldn’t imagine how it would translate to screen. The answer? Beautifully.

Then I picked up The Truman Show because I saw it referenced somewhere and realized I hadn’t seen it for a while. Probably not since it was in theatres. I don’t hate Jim Carrey, and I think I saw it in the first place because I’ll see anything with Laura Linney. Now I pay more attention to directors than I did in the past, so of course Peter Weir is a draw, too. Anyway. Excellent, as you all know. And such a perfect ending.

2 Replies to “[84 Charing Cross Road][The Truman Show]”

  1. I worried about 84CCR-the-movie, but loved it loved it loved it.

    There should be 84CCR text-only icons!!

  2. That would be the Best Thing Ever. Had I Photoshop, I’d be tempted to make movie quote icons for this journal.

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