[TV on DVD]

* I finished watching “Wonderfalls” last night. Sigh. It’s the second time I’ve seen it all the way through — the first time I spent the last few episodes in fear that it would end before things were resolved. Watching it now reminds me that I need to write up something on character likeability and identification and such in the primary journal, because I enjoy watching unlikeable characters, and recently it’s been pointed out to me that this is somehow strange.

* On a vaguely related note, last night I also watched the premiere of “This Space For Rent” which wasn’t perfect by any means, but made me laugh out loud enough that I’ll stick with it at least for a bit. I spent half of the episode trying to figure out why Lucky looked so darn familiar, and then I gave up and checked the IMDB. He was in a CKR movie and an episode of “Wonderfalls”. So there you go. I also enjoyed that the coffee shop Barnaby worked at was called “Jarheads”. But I am easily amused.

* One other thing! I think it’s pretty darn cool that CBC has the first episodes of their comedy premieres this week up on the website for free. That’s how you use technology, folks.